Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tool 7 Meet the World

This section of 11 Tools resonated with me.  I immediately thought about my students from Korea, Germany, Greece, Iran, Iraq, China, Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand, and Guatemala.

Using the flat classroom idea to make connections with my students countries.  I know many of my students miss their countries and what a great way for them to share and reconnect via the web.

Objective would be introduce and share cultures.  A great way to start would be to have students submit questions to be answered.  Perhaps students could be asked to share various ideas about food, sports, people, religion, entertainment, and education.

Depending on the country or countries chosen to visit virtually, a great time of year might be before the holiday season of November and December.

I think I would enjoy using Oneworld Classrooms and Edmodo.  I have never skyped but I am sure my students could teach me.

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