Friday, August 31, 2012

Tool 9 C=Congruent and Accountable

Their has to be a goal in mind.  Teaching using technology has to have planning or or or you might just be wasting time in a cool way.

I like the idea of accountability and the use of questions after workstations or practice.  Once again,  what is the objective/plan?

Maybe Learning Games for Kids or Thinkfinity.  Some of the lessons were too low level so would have to do some research on apps. etc. to see what will benefit my students.

I really like the idea of using the ipads for Partner Journals or for that matter Group Journals.  Use the ipads to pose a question or prompt or just a conversation and then have students add to the "activity".   For ESL students this is again a great way to (learn see touch) a new language.

Tool 8 Get The Tech. Out

We have to put the technology in our students hands.  I know it is scary to just say explore but I believe we have to.  

After exploring some of the resources, once again I see some great apps. and usages for ESL students.  The first one that comes to mind is translateit!  Like google translate except it's an app.  This is great for core teachers who have ESL students needing assistance.  A colleague recently used a translate sight to input English Questions and to get Spanish Questions.  It worked perfectly and will help students find success. has a lot of great apps.  It's just finding the time or letting students explore and see what will work for them.

Maxjournal another great app. for journaling.

My goal is to get the ipads and netbooks out.  Explore.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tool 7 Meet the World

This section of 11 Tools resonated with me.  I immediately thought about my students from Korea, Germany, Greece, Iran, Iraq, China, Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand, and Guatemala.

Using the flat classroom idea to make connections with my students countries.  I know many of my students miss their countries and what a great way for them to share and reconnect via the web.

Objective would be introduce and share cultures.  A great way to start would be to have students submit questions to be answered.  Perhaps students could be asked to share various ideas about food, sports, people, religion, entertainment, and education.

Depending on the country or countries chosen to visit virtually, a great time of year might be before the holiday season of November and December.

I think I would enjoy using Oneworld Classrooms and Edmodo.  I have never skyped but I am sure my students could teach me.

Tool 6 So Socratic

I honestly like how embedded in the 11 Tools Presentation is the reminder, some might say constant, to use open ended questions to create higher order thinking.   It truly is a great reminder and will also create more communication opportunities for my students.



Tool 5 2.0 IT

Wow wow wow.  I like the premise and ideas that these web-based tools 24/7.   Great idea for my students that have computers.  When I polled my students yesterday, it was about half with computers and half without so that poses some difficulties for me wanting to place work on-line such as in google docs.

That being said, we will do our best.

I really enjoyed    A super way for my students to create story maps and summaries and a number of things.  Great use for poetry as well.  I can see them recreating Romeo and Juliet in their own words.

Number two and three choices are animoto and google docs.  Animoto and anything visual will be a great help to my students.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tool 4 Double Rainbow

Love the term prosumer.  One who creates and consumes.  Uggh, is that all of us?  If you are not creating, that's just wrong.

I like the cloud and am hopeful I can figure it out and make it work.

Google Docs. will be great for me and my students.  I like the idea of saving paper.

I created a google doc. and shared with Sherri Boyd and William Schick.  Very excited to see what they have to say.

I like these tools.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

PLN Network Tool 2

Simple yet stated idea of connecting with others outside of your physical space.  We do it all the time on other sites so it makes sense to use in a professional manner to help ourselves and others.

Online Content Tool 3

First post.  Commenting on the suggested online websites etc.

I liked the above websites because they makes connections to my students in visual, good teaching, modeling kind of way.

Copyright laws apply to everyone.  Basically the owner of the property is the copyright holder/owner and it is illegal to steal property for use without permission.

Dropbox is a great tool for a classroom project etc.  We are going to be creating POS pictures with sentences.  Students will be able to download pictures and we can create and comment on them.